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  • MAKES FISHING TACKLE EASY- The Freshwater Fishing Tackle Kit has the Fundamental Fishing Hooks, Fishing Sinkers, and Small Bobbers so Buying all the Basics to Freshwater Fish with Live Bait is Easy
  • POPULAR & COMMON - The Hooks and Sinkers are the Most Popular Styles and Common Sizes for Live Bait, and the Small Bobbers Help Beginners and Kids get Started Fishing
  • CONVENIENTLY STORED - 7 x 4.5 inch Tackle Box Protects your Equipment from Rust, and is Convenient for Travel on Fishing Trips. Organize your Tackle Easily with up to 12 Compartments.
  • TAILORED TACKLE - The Tackle in the Freshwater Fishing Kit is Selected by Your Fishing Guides at Tailored Tackle so You have all the Right Basic Fishing Tackle to Go Out and Catch More Fish! 
  • 140 TACKLE PIECES - 32 Red Octopus Hooks, 24 Bronze Baitholder Hooks, 24 Bronze Abderdeen Hooks, 54 Removable Split Shot Sinkers,  6 Snap Bobber Floats. See Sizes &  Fishing Tips in Description. 


    Tackle Specifications


    32 Count Red Octopus Offset Hooks:

    8 ea. of #6

    8 ea. of #4

    8 ea. of #2

    8 ea. of 1/0


    24 Barbed Bait Holder Offset Hooks:

    8 ea. of #4

    8 ea. of #2

    8 ea. of 1/0


    24 Aberdeen Long Shank Offset Hooks:

    8 ea. of #4

    8 ea. of #2

    8 ea. of 1/0


    54 Removable Split Shot Sinkers

    28 ea. of BB

    18 ea. of 3/0

    8 ea. of #7


    6 Snap Bobber Floats

    2 ea. of 1" Diameter

    4 ea. of 3/4" Diameter


    Fishing Tips 


    Basic Fishing Setup: #4 Baitholder Hook + 3/0 Sinker + 1" Snap Bobber. Bait your hook with 2" cut of worm, 3-4 kernels of corn, a slice of hotdog, or a balled up piece of bread. Panfish will devour your rig and the action of the bobber will excite everyone!


    Baitholder Hooks: The most versatile hook, use these for worms, insects, and grocery store concoctions. Bait the smallest hook #4 with a small cut of worm for Panfish such as Sunfish, Crappie and Perch. Also use #4 with dough bait for Trout. Use the Larger #2 with a full Nightcrawler for Walleye. Use the largest 1/0 with a full Nightcrawler on a Texas Rig or Carolina Rig for Bass.


    Octopus Hooks: Best for Live Minnows and Leeches, the short shank hooks with wide gaps are great for hooking large fish with the benefit of a small profile. Use the smaller #6 & #4 for 1-2" minnows or smaller leeches to target Perch and Crappie. Use the medium size #4 & #2 for larger 3" minnows for Walleye. Finally, the large #1/0 is great for 4-6" minnows used to target Pike and Bass.


    Aberdeen Hook: Thin, long wire shanks make these hooks great for fragile bait, removing swallowed hooks, and freeing up your line in a snag. ABERDEEN HOOKS WILL BEND, but that's what they are supposed to do, they are great quality hooks. Use the smaller #4 for insects like crickets and grasshoppers to target Trout and Panfish. The light wire keeps these fragile baits in tact, and the long shank lets you easily remove the hook from tiny mouths. Use the larger #2 & 1/0 with stink bait, cutbait, or a ball of Nightcrawlers to target Catfish. The thin wire makes this hook an ideal design for bottom fishing cats. When you are snagged the hook will bend and twist for an easier release. You will need to replace the hook, but the rest of your catfish rig, sinker, swivel, leader etc. will come back.


    Sinkers: Use a split shot sinker 1-2 ft. above your hook to present your bait on the bottom and/or add weight for casting distance. Add a sinker to your line when using a bobber to keep the bait from floating near surface and to prevent a lively bait from escaping fish. Generally, use the smaller BB or 3/0 size for the bobbers in this box. Small BB and 3/0 sizes are typical for fishing with Worms and Insects. For larger or livelier bait, like Minnows and Leeches, use the larger #7 sinker. For windy conditions or stronger currents, add multiple sinkers to your line to better hold your presentation.


    Bobbers: Small snap bobbers are included for fishing Panfish like Bluegill, Sunfish, Crappie, and Perch. They are a great tool for beginners to get started and to help kids learn to fish. The bobber clipped 1-3ft. above your hook serves as an indicator to let you know when a fish is biting your bait. The bobber also keeps your bait at a set depth, above the weeds right in front of the fish. Pair the snap bobber with a smaller hook like the Baitholder #4 and add 2" cut of worm, 3-4 kernels of corn, a slice of hotdog, or a balled up piece of bread. The bobber should lay perpendicular on the surface, with the water line halfway up the bobber. If the bobber is not laying halfway afloat, and your not getting a bite, then you have added too much weight. Remove the sinkers and/or switch to a smaller hook.


    The small snap bobbers are part of the kit to help new anglers get started. The hooks and sinkers are professional grade quality in sizes and styles used by Freshwater Fishing Guides like the owners of Tailored Tackle.


    Tailored Tackle believe that you should have access to the same tackle at the same quality as the pro's for an affordable price.


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