What is Tailored Tackle?

We build comprehensive tackle boxes with the foundation of fishing tackle you need to be successful on the water. These are not the low quality, starter kits found in your local big box store. We take the major tactics that local guides use to get clients on fish and translate those into fully assembled boxes. We manufacture each component to the standards of our guide network, giving you the best in one box. We also want you to be successful using the fundamentals. We offer a wealth of free resources and content to to help you learn new techniques, brush up on old skills, or start from scratch.

Our Team

Ed Hitchcock

Co-Founder and CEO

Email: ed@tailoredtackle.com 
Tailored Tackle Ed Hitchcock Co-Founder CEOEd Hitchcock is an angler dedicated to making fishing easier by creating tackle sets tailored to specific species and tactics. Ed emphasizes the importance of education and shared learning by generating comprehensive content and instructions for Tailored Tackle fishing gear empowering our customers with all the information they need to be successful. Ed spent 7 years as a fishing camp instructor teaching hundreds of kids in Minnesota the life long sport of angling. He went on to found the Central Park Conservatory's Youth Fishing Program in NYC which provides fishing clinics to kids throughout the city and is now in its 5th year. Previous to Tailored Tackle, Ed worked at Amazon.com in Seattle building a better experience for customers in Canada. He is now using those skills to make a better experience for anglers and those that want to start the sport.

Nate Grant

Co-Founder and COO

Email: nathaniel@walterpip.com

Nate Grant is an outdoor enthusiast that brings the operations of building and distributing complex tackle sets for Tailored Tackle to life. Nate's passion for the outdoors is translated into the sustainability and attention to our customer's needs that makes Tailored Tackle so special. Nate has spent the last 4 years at Amazon.com designing and optimizing supply chain systems that enable great customer experience. Nate is the one behind the nuts and bolts, allowing Tailored Tackle to offer a complex and high quality assortment of fishing tackle in every box.
Walter Hitchcock
Office Manager
Tailored Tackle Office Manager Walter HitchcockWalter oversees the day to day responsibilities at Tailored Tackle and doubles as a Wellness Counselor. He has had extensive time on the water as a deck hand as well as retrieving tennis balls, sticks and anything else from shore. Walt is a 2 year old Golden Retriever and has been a part of the Tailored Tackle team since he graduated from Ahisma Puppy Kindergarten at 6 Months of age. 


For any Questions or Concerns Please Email Ed Hitchcock Directly


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